ART DIRECTION and GRAPHIC DESIGN for Bihan Lin SS24 <Wild Leaves>.

Bihan Lin is a Fashion Designer based in Shanghai. For her upcoming collection <Wild Leaves>, she needed digital & print content for her presentation at Shanghai Fashion Week. How could we create visual content for the show that would embody the feeling of the collection?

Drawing from the collection’s inspiration (Patti Smith’s Wild Leaves and the film Bandit) I looked to build upon Bihan’s existing logo to create a 3D logo for the collection that matched the energy and colour of the source material. Bihan’s print designs were created using scanned leaves and I built upon these images to create more abstract patterns. I also continued this approach into the lookbook and display proposal to achieve something that felt energetic but not sporty.


Bihan Lin Studio, Fashion Designer
@Stephanietibooo, Show Director
@Methmn, Set Design
Weishan Hu, First Look
Jennifer Zhao, PR
Moonquake Studio, Videography
Yawei Wu, Music