3D Poster Exploration

ART DIRECTION and 3D DESIGN for self-initiated posters created in Blender.

Annie Hall Pop-up

ART DIRECTION, PHOTOGRAPHY and SET DESIGN for a Pop-up event for knitwear designer Annie Hall. This ongoing Project started with the creation of an Inflatable inspired by Annie’s illustrations to be used as the welcomer to the show. The shape of the clothing rack and presentation quilt is inspired by Annie’s grid vector illustrations. 3D render created in Rhino 7.

The Welsh Outpost

PRODUCTION DESIGN and ART DIRECTION for upcoming short The Welsh Outpost. The year is 1946. An ageing marksman is stationed in the Welsh countryside with his wife and decrepit father. An upcoming mission in London will finally challenge the tension between his work and family. 3D render created in Sketch-Up and Twinmotion.

Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

PHOTOGRAPHY taken from a recent trip to Kuala Lumpur in December, 2022.

Identifying Time

ART DIRECTION and PHOTOGRAPHY from an ongoing portrait series exploring the idea of time and questions if it’s a less oppressive way to identify ourselves. The project revolves around the idea that there are only two moments in life conception and the current moment and this is captured in the images (Date of Birth on the top of clock and the time of when in the image was taken).

Nelson Diplexcito

PHOTOGRAPHY work for Nelson Diplexcito cataloging his paintings at his Camberwell Studio. These images will be apart of an upcoming book showcasing his past works and studio practice.

Jay Hur

PHOTOGRAPHY work for Jay Hur cataloging her paintings at her Camberwell Studio and MA show at Slade School of Art.

Ischia, Italy

PHOTOGRAPHY taken from a recent trip to Ischia in July, 2022.

Seoul, Korea

PHOTOGRAPHY taken from a recent trip to Seoul in May, 2022.