ART DIRECTION and GRAPHIC DESIGN for Your Local Pub(lication).

Your Local Pub is an independent small press created by Brad Gilbert and Michael Caplan. We want to be a resource for small artists and designers who don’t always have good options to start publishing collections of their work. 

We’re trying to approach publications from a different angle, thinking about bindings that allow for deconstruction and reconstruction into wall-hanging prints.

Original Artworks are often expensive, and only accessible to the cultural elite. Independent publications expand access and allow people to affordably support growing artists and designers.

The first publication released through this project is titled A Castle by the Sea, a 22-page publication by Brad Gilbert that collates images taken in Ischia, Italy in the summer of 2022. It has been designed to be disassembled allowing you to use images as individual or large-scale prints.

Upcoming Features:
Gabriel Gayle
Jungwon Jay Hur
Michael Caplan
Mataio Austin Dean
Ula Taylor Reilly
Kay Liang
Michelle Lim


Michael Caplan, Website and Production
Michelle Lim, Graphic Design